With landscape as my canvas, my photographic work expresses a tense link between man, his history and his moment in time. Looking for mystery and poetic relegations, my work focuses on the movement, while focusing on specific lovations, chosen based on their history.

I always work from the principle that landscape is not a neutral space but is rather rich in history, and a place of deposit of individual and collective memories. I investigate the land in search of forms, in which I find architectures and objects that I transform through my camera lens. These shapes and these grounds are the support of visual interplay, filled with emptiness and richness, alongside presence and absence. Framed, these locations create lines of force, graphic and esthetic spaces, where architectures and other artifacts take position, sometimes with authority, sometimes with a lightness that is almost evanescent and resemble sculptures or installations.

As breaking or stitching points, my photography shows, at different degrees, the disruption generated by some political, military, or economic forces and their form of occupation, faced with the fragility but also the resistance of people and worldly things. It also shows nature’s almost cyclic process of regeneration, through absorption, overlay, or destruction. Between poetry and dread, my work questions changes, constructions, and the existence in the world. The images that I create are breaths, proposals to experience life. Therein lies the violence that has been laid upon the world and the multiple attempts to alleviate it.

Contrary to the documentary objectivity, my own perspective is subjective. It becomes a matter of building visual emotions by giving emphasis to the landscape, by occasionally magnifying the setting, and by letting the poetic stunning or the enchantment speak.

Guillaume Lemarchal.

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